Our Mission Statement

Dedicated Educators

Your Nursery Ltd  is a beautiful Reggio inspired space which opened in 2010.  Here at Your Nursery Ltd we believe in play, it’s a passion for our staff team and we believe every child should take their own journey in life. 

Our environment is unique and acts as the 3rd-teacher which allows children a freedom to develop their own ideas and experiment to make their own conclusions and hypothesis.  

We truly listen to children and focus on their interests as we feel that this is how they really start to learn.

 We want children to be inspired and we use unique and inventive experiences to provide stimulating learning opportunities that captivate children’s interests.

Our Vision

We believe every child is a capable learner and they thrive in a play based environment, we balance risk with learning opportunities to enable children to have the very best possible experiences which are exciting and thrilling to take part in. 

Every day the children’s voices are heard and views taken into account. We thrive on providing opportunities around children’s current interests; we strongly believe this is how they learn best.

  We allow children time to experiment and test out their theories, staff are careful not to solve problems, instead carefully encouraging children to ponder about what might happen if they try different problem solving skills. 

Each child and family is at the centre of everything we do and we never forget what it’s like to be a child and we try to treasure those early child hood years.